Beautiful Abstract LANDSCAPE painting ~ SPLIT CUP Acrylic pouring technique ~ Fluid art

Today I used 6 chamber 3D printed split cup and did a Wandering ring pour to create this Beautiful Abstract LANDSCAPE painting.

With Split cup acrylic pouring technique you can paint an amazing abstract art pic, just with playing with Acrylic paints mixed with pouring medium and split cup.

Link to 3D printed Split cups:
Use this DISCOUNT CODE at checkout to get 15% off all cups! The code is FIONA15

Colours: Amsterdam Titanium white, Burnt sienna, Manganese blue, Phthalo prussian blue, Phthalo turquise, Sky blue light, Pebeo Iridescent blue green and Iridescent green yellow, Arteza Pearl deep brownThis little pigments Latte.

#FionaArt #SplitCup #AcrylicPouring #FluidArt #landscape #landscapepainting

Mixing paints for Fluid art:

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Fiona Art

I consider myself as a experimental artist. I just like to experiment with different techniques and materials and share my findings to others.