Blooming with my Pouring medium ~ Acrylic pour painting ~ #TLP pigments ~ Fluid art technique

Welcome to another day in my Art studio! Today I will try some Blooming with my Pouring medium again. I’m playing with #TLP pigments past few days, because big TLP collab and new pigments will air this weekend. I have some troubles with this Fluid art technique, but I’m still happy with the end results… Colours and shimmer of TLP pigments are just stunning.

What do you think about this Acrylic pour painting? Fluid Art Co Find all of the amazing This Little Piggy (TLP) pigments as well as a whole range of other products here at Fluid Art Co. How I mix #tlp pigments: If you want to support my channel to keep on experimenting with new techniques you can do it through this link: Or just like and subscribe to show some love. Thank you! ************************************************************************************************** Find me on social media Fiona Art: Facebok: Instagram: @fionaacrylic My personal page: My contact email:



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Fiona Art

I consider myself as a experimental artist. I just like to experiment with different techniques and materials and share my findings to others.