Create a Flower with this Acrylic Pouring Trick! ~ Cup Bottom Reverse Flower Dip

Fiona Art
4 min readApr 14, 2023

Looking to create some beautiful fluid art painting? Look no further! This acrylic pouring trick will allow you to create beautiful flowers using only a paper napkin, a cup and some acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium. Want to learn this technique? I’m coming to Las Vegas USA for the first time to teach LIVE my Flower dip techniques on PourCon August 6–9th 2023. Registration open!! Location: Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada Dates: August 6th- 9th $1795 Ticket Price $1495 Early Bird Pricing (everything included below, airfare and hotel are not included) USE CODE ‘EARLYBIRD’ at checkout!

  • Badge pick-up and welcome party is on the evening of August 6th. Classes happen on the 7th, 8th and 9th.
  • Each attendee will select any 7 of these (based on availability).
  • You’ll have 2 classes per day with an extra one somewhere.
  • Full Class Descriptions will be on the website on the day of Registration, but we wanted to give you as much of a head start on your choices as possible.
  • You’ll make your Lunch & Learn Cuisine selections prior to checkout. We have Vegetarian options for each meal, and if anyone has food allergies, please message me about how we can best accommodate you.
  • All art classes are hands on (not demo only) • All supplies to create fantastic finished pieces are included.
  • All subject to adjustments up until registration.

PROCESS: — Pour your base on canvas — Put your FLOWER SHAPED DESERT CUP on the canvas with bottom up — Pour paints on the bottom and use PEARL WHITE or some metallic paints between each colour to create petal — lacing effect — Take off the cup — Use SKEWER to draw some petal shapes — Gently put PAPER NAPKIN or towel on canvas ( You can use dry or damped napkin) — Lift one corner at the time and then gently lift it (the middle last) — Torch it for air bubbles and to activate pearl white and metallic paints — And here is your flower :) Mixing Pigments for Acrylic Pouring:

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  • #flowerdip #reverseflowerdip #acrylicpouring #fionaart #fluidart About Me: I’m an experimental contemporary artist from Slovenia. I like to experiment with different fluid art techniques and materials and follow the natural paint flow with all its unpredictability. The biggest inspiration for my art is Nature, so I try to pour those colour combinations energy and beauty on canvas. In my early ages I painted with a brushes and chalks, but I always felt limited in those art forms. But all that changed in the year 2018, when I discovered Fluid art. I was able to let my imagination run wild and pour it out on the canvas. I have finally found my place in art that perfects and makes me happy. And what could be nicer than sharing this with others through my artwork. Because of this, I also decided to share my artistic path on youtube, where I am happy to share my passion and knowledge with more than a quarter of a million people from all over the world. Join me on my Fluid art journey!
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Fiona Art

Fiona Art is a well-known fluid artist residing in Slovenia, who has garnered international recognition for her work. 400k subscribers on her YouTube channel