DOUBLE CLOUD pour ~ Acrylic Ring pour painting ~ Acrylic pouring for beginners ~ Satisying Art

Fiona Art
2 min readOct 6, 2021


Hello from Slovenia!

In this Art video I will do just a simple Double ring pour acrylic painting. I will use some TLP pigments and Vallejo Pearl medium mixture again to create some cloud effects.
Ring pour fluid art technique is one of the first that I tried when I start pouring and I think, that you can try this if you are beginner.
Watching paint pour out of a cup and create amazing abstract art painting is so satisfying to watch for me, so I hope, that you will enjoy this Satisfying Art video too.
See you on the next one!

Colours and medium that I will use:
- Amsterdam Oxide black, Briliant blue, Permanent blue violet, Greenish blue, Liquitex Prussian blue Hue and Arties Alizarian violet
- Pearl white
- TLP pigments Mermaid, Funk, Velvet Taffy + Vallejo Pearl medium
- Pouring medium

My mixing paints video:
Reverse flower dip acrylic pouring technique with TLP pigments:
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Fiona Art

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