Fluid art on TWO STACKED canvases ~ Cup bottom reverse flower dip

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2 min readMay 16, 2021


In this acrylic pouring tutorial you will see how to do a cup bottom reverse flower dip on two stacked canvases.

Fluid art on TWO STACKED canvases

- Stack two canvases together
- Pour your base on canvases
- Put your FLOWER SHAPED DESERT CUP on the canvas with bottom up
- Pour paints on the bottom and use PEARL WHITE or some metallic paints between each colour to create petal — lacing effect
- Take off the cup
- Use SKEWER to draw some petal shapes
- Gently put PAPER NAPKIN or towel on canvas ( You can use dry or damped napkin)
- Lift one corner at the time and then gently lift it (the middle last)
- Torch it for air bubbles and to activate pearl white and metallic paints
- Spin it
- And here is your flower :)

Fluid art on TWO STACKED canvases

TECHNIQUE: Reverse flower dip with paper napkin, Cup bottom pour

- 8x8 and 10x10 inch canvas
- Acrylic paints mixed with pouring medium
- Flower shaped desert cup
- Paper napkin or towel
- Wooden skewer
- Palete knife
- Spinning table
- Torch

- Boesner black for the base coat
- Arties colours naples yellow deep hue
- Amsterdam greenish blue
- Maimeri Bordeaux
- Pearl white

My pearl white mixture:
1 part Vallejo pearl medium
1 part titanium white
2 parts pouring medium
All my paints are mixed with Boesner Guardi acrylic binder and acrylic emulsion.

My mixing paints video:

Fluid art on TWO STACKED canvases

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